8 Days of Flooding

At 1:45am on February 22, 2016, Kyle returned to his North Woodstock home after an extended vacation to find the his home seeping with water. Roughly eight days earlier, while he was away, sub arctic temperatures gripped the region which caused the hot water pipe feeding Kyle's dishwasher to burst. For eight long days, hot water pumped throughout the first floor of his home. The water permeated the kitchen, bathroom, and much of the living room until it reach saturation and began to creep up the drywall and eventually seep out the exterior siding of his house. His oil meter continued to run 24/7 for those eight long days as the hot water wreaked havoc on his home. After 26hrs. of traveling, Kyle returned to roughly three inches of standing water in his home.

In true Kyle form, he quickly got to work, making the appropriate calls & actions as we all know he does so well. He is amidst dealing with the insurance adjusters with total bill for repair rumored to be around $30,000. We believe he will be responsible for anywhere up to $10,000.

I have known Kyle for almost 20 years and his selflessness and generosity are undeniable - you know this. Now, as his friends, family, ski buddies, river-floatin' folks, Christmas-party crashers and more, it's time to show him our generosity.

Any donation is greatly appreciated. 100% will go directly to his rebuilding.

Thank you,

Kevin Bell